What To Look For In A Barber

When it comes having a great haircut, your barber is obviously plays a huge role in making that happen.
Nonetheless, there is a huge difference in knowing how to cut hair and actually being a barber. 
With a few YouTube videos, I learned how to cut my son’s hair. It was enough to get by, but not enough to make him look sharp. Definitely a mistake on my part.
Nonetheless, it is important to know what to look for in a barber to determine if a particular barber is right for you.
  1. How clean is the barbershop?
    Naturally, there should be hair on the floor. In fact, a sign that a barbershop is not popular is if it lacks hair own the floor. Nonetheless, the overall appearance should be clean and organized. If their not doing the small things right, there is a big chance that their not going to do the big things (cutting your hair) right either.
  2. How does the barber look?
    Your barber should look great. There is no reason why a barber should have a terrible haircut. If a barber is willing to take good care in their appearance, they'll take good care in your appearance in yours as well.
  3. Does the barber ask the right questions?
    I've been to many different barbers and all of them asks what I want. However, it shouldn't stop there. If you're getting a fade, the barber should be asking questions like "do you want a high/med/low?" or "how much do you want taken of the top?". This will help improve the accuracy of delivering the best haircut for you.
  4. Is he/she asking for feedback during the haircut?
    During the haircut, a good barber will stop and ask for feedback. They'll ask if the fade is to your suiting or if the length of your hair too long or just right. A bad barber will just cut and then swivel you around, hand you a mirror, and send you on your way.
You're main goal when walking into a barbershop is to leave better than you came in. You should have received a near-perfect haircut and also had great conversation with your barber. Don't be afraid to try out other barbers in the shop that is doing better than your current one. 
Even at The Fade Factory, I have 2 go-to barbers because they seem to do my balding fade the exact way I like it. This is not saying the other barbers do not do a great job, but these 2 barbers know exactly what I want and how it I like. So, don't be afraid to jump around until you find the right barber, because this is the person that will either make you look great or hidious for the next 2-4 weeks.
-JaQuan Bryant

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