How To Keep Your Hair Looking Fresh Between Haircuts

After getting a haircut, we tend to look and feel great. A day or so afterward, we still feel and look great. However, after about 4 days, hair starts to grow back or your style doesn't look quite the same. Of course, this will happen because our hair is like grass and will grow back after getting cut. However, just as you can manage a growing yard and still make it look great, you can do the same with your hair.

Most barbers and stylists will say that you should get a haircut every 2 weeks. Nonetheless, you still want to make sure that you're looking your best between your haircuts. So, here are a few tips on how you can continue to look like you just walked out the barbershop until your next haircut.


Keep your hair clean
You want to make sure that you're washing and conditioning your hair regularly to ensure that you keep that ugly gunk and excess oil out of your hair. This will leave your hair looking clean and healthy which goes a long way.

However, when you wash your hair, use shampoo only once or twice a week. This is so you're not stripping your hair of its essential oils. Instead, you should condition your hair every time you get in the shower. This will leave your healthy, shiny, and soft.

Use products daily
No matter what, you should be using products in your hair every day. Depending on your type of hair and its style, you may require a specific type of products. For example, if you use just a dab of pomade, you can have your hair shining well.
Talk to your barber about the type of products you need to have to keep you looking good and having healthy hair. He will ensure that you're putting the best possible products in your hair and how you can get them.

Clean up your edges
Have you ever cut your grass, but never edge the yard? From a short distance, and a long one, the yard doesn't even look all that good. This applies to your hair as well. 

When your barber is finishing on your haircut, depending on the style you got, he will trim and shape up your hairline. As hair grows back over the next few days, it starts to make it look rough, therefore taking away the 'freshness' of your haircut. To prevent that, once you see the hair slowly growing back, take a razor or trimming tool to remove it and bring that straight line back to life. This alone will make your haircut look great.

Use these 3 tips to help improve your haircuts between appointments and you'll definitely be looking just as fresh as you did when you got the cut.

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