Date-Night Hair Tips

Let's be honest, our hair regimen is definitely simpler than most women. I mean, we get out haircut more than they do, but they have to spend a good amount of time in the mirror making sure it is right.

Not saying that she doesn't respect your hair-game now, but for date-night, let's spice it up a bit.


  • Condition Your Hair
    You want to make sure you condition hair before the date. Well, you should condition it regularly, but definitely before the date. As she runs her hand through your hair, she wants to feel soft and silky.

  • Style It
    If you are used to just throwing on a hat and being down, you have to change it up tonight. She has made sure that she is looking good for you, so do the same. Style it up a bit. Here's an article about different products to use to style your hair in a variety of ways.

  • Lock It In
    After you have finished up the styling process, lock it in with a modest amount of hairspray. With a night of nervousness and excitement, the last thing you want to worry about is your hair getting out of order.

  • Scent It
    When she goes in for the hug, which she will, you want to show her that your a man that knows how to present himself well. That is why you want to spray a modest layer of cologne over your hair.

With these tips, you are going to rock this date-night. You're going to look great and feel your best, which she'll notice.

Good luck and if you need a quick haircut before the date, then you can book a haircut here.

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